Keep Warm in Brooklyn’s Blossoming Indoor Winter Garden



Baby it’s cold outside.

It may still be winter, but Spring time in near and fast approaching. However, you don’t have to wait for the warm seasons to enjoy the beautiful foliage, and botanical enchantment in an atrium type setting of the Winter Garden located at the Brooklyn Bavarian Biergarten at Grand Prospect Hall.

At the Winter Garden, you can enjoy all the benefits of an outdoor beer garden, indoors! You can experience the fresh space, comfort and scenic beauty and outside feel of a Beer Garden with the warmth and versatility of a traditional indoor bar.

Whether it’s unwinding after a long day of work or needing a great location to watch the big Rangers game, the Winter Garden, is the optimal location to have a refreshing drink and enjoy flavorful selections from the menu in a one of its kind indoor oasis.

Meet with friends to enjoy and experience the views from outside and drink premium German and New York draft beers as well as a varietal wines and spirits as well as delicious popular German eats such as grilled wurst sausage, schnitzel, german-styled steaks, Kartoffelpuffer (potato pancakes), German chocolate cake, and much more.

If you would like to learn more about Brooklyn Bavarian Biergarten you can visit our website at Brooklyn’s Bavarian Biergarten. and follow us on social media.


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